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HP next gen:  Дурмстранг

As we remember those of us who had fallen, let us also not forget about those we always wish we could forget about. Let us remember people like Igor Karkaroff, and Tom Riddle, and Gellert Grindelwald. Those who made all these horrors possible. Those, who, as we like to pretend, had fallen on our heads from the sky itself, to spread their destruction and devastation like some uncontrollable forces of nature.

But they weren’t. They were always here. Taught by our teachers the Dark Arts. Promised by the Administration that this Institute would always be their personal safe Heaven, and never be a safe place for those whose weren’t born with “pure blood”. Encouraged by other students and their families. That was us who raised them, nurtured them, brought them to power.

So as we remember those of us who had fallen, let us not forget that it was in our power to prevent it. And let us change our ways to never allow this to happen again.”

(An exempt from the speech of Viktor Krum during the announcement of Durmstrang’s new policies, 2001. Translated by Hermione Granger for “Durmstrang: The History”.)

HP next gen:  l’académie de magie de Beauxbâtons

A wise Headmistress such as Madame Maxime wouldn’t let neither tragic incidents, nor a war ruin such an important and ancient tradition. Her most outstanding students still come to Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournament, and, when it is Beauxbatons’ turn to be the host, guests from the other two schools receive the warmest welcome. After all, there are always new things to be learnt from their rivals, new friendships to be made, and, for two, an old spark to be ignited once more.

HP next genThe first rule of a duel is to bow. The first rule of the Duelling Club - never forget that there will always be those who want to see you on your knees.


if you haven’t seen punkdraco’s hp next gen series, you are missing out.  filled with houses subverting (yet somehow completely fulfilling) the missions of their houses:  science-y ravenclaws, social justice gryffindors, kind slytherins, and bamf, we-will-fuck-your-shit-up hufflepuffs.

and ALL the inter-house friendships.

and discussions of class and culture and the clubs that change everything at hogwarts.

(and squibs.  punkdraco makes certain that squibs have a place of honor and purpose just like everyone else.)

they’re absolutely beautiful and wonderfully thought-out and don’t ignore that—in the 19 years between the second wizarding war and the epilogue—are going to be the most subversive and lively and filled with art and music and language and science and all the avant garde that always happens after a conflict.

this is my new favorite thing.

HP next genThis coven learnt something else from the story of the Boy Who Lived: the power of the Old Magic. They know how to shield their loved ones from the gruesomest of deaths. They understand the whispers of the wind, the secret language of snakes, the forgotten songs of birds. They create life and protect it with their own. Their magic is as strong as the bond that holds them together, a promise shared by a few, to keep alive the knowledge of the most powerful magic of all, the one you can’t find in books or experiments, but it is always there, in your heart, if only you let it in.

HP next gen: Ever wondered what made Firebolt 3 so speedy and why it was taken out of production? Want to know what happens to your body when you apparate? Ever wished to find out if you can perform magic on the Moon? 

Apply today to join Ravenclaw’s* super secret magical science club! Meetings are held bimonthly at 10 pm at the library**.

* all Houses are welcome!

** If you are a Slytherin, please talk to your housemates so they would let us use the Astronomy tower.

HP next genThe dust has not yet settled (quite literally, as even the ghosts seemed to be covered in soot from head to toe), but Professor Mcgonagall was already preparing for the new challenges ahead. She knew well how fleeting these silent days in Hogwarts are. How, in a matter of days really, those empty hallways become filled with children, eager to accept the school as their home for years to come.

Yet it would’ve been foolish of her to expect for things to be as before, and Professor Mcgonagall was no fool. She knew many didn’t want to send their children to Hogwarts this upcoming year. Not all wanted to face the horrible reality of the past few years. Some blamed the school for not living up to its name (“the safest place”, that is, although it has never been its name, and they should’ve known that better than anyone). There were even those who wondered if they should let their little children share the school with students who stayed for the battle and have faced a war. Professor Mcgonagall didn’t know what she can do to change their mind, and therefore, did not bother with them. She was, however, bothered by something else.

Second Wizarding War has created a second generation of war orphans. Not many of them had any close family left. And things were getting heated. The journalists reminded daily about the poor orphan called Tom, and what has happened to him without “proper care”. Dreadful details of Harry Potter’s upbringing, cursed by Rita Skeeter out of at least three people, started a new wave of mistrust and anger towards Muggles. The young Ministry was not ready to face these challenges and was making mistake after mistake.

The latest scandal professor Mcgonagall had fortune witnessing with her own eyes: after several wizarding families in all their unity were sent to Azkaban, it turned out that the closest relatives their eight children had were Narcissa and Andromeda Black. Someone at the Ministry suggested assigning children to families as the Ministry sees fit. Andromeda Tonks, now, consequently, a mother of nine (Narcissa was marked as “unreliable”), loudly suggested for the Ministry to disband. 

Not waiting to hear the Ministry representatives’ surely well thought through speeches, Professor Mcgonagall stepped in. “As you all well know,” she said, “Hogwarts has always been a home for many children and adults. Hogwarts always is and will be ready to give help when needed and protection when required.” She straightened her hat, coughed two times, and continued, “yet, for so many years, the castle’s gates have been closed, and quite unfairly so, for children under eleven. Until now,” she added loudly. “From this day on, let all who need home find one at Hogwarts!” (“Oh, Albus was so much better at these things!” she mumbled to no one in particular, and fixed her hat again).

…And this is how the first pre-school in the history of Hogwarts was born. The kids, about twenty in number, three of them Muggleborn, have not been sorted into Houses just yet, of course. They were, however, introduced to those of the eldest students who wished to show them some “magic tricks”.

Their favorite turned out to be Neville, who came back to Hogwarts to get a grade on the Defense Against the Dark Arts, eager to become an Auror. Neville couldn’t do a lot of magic tricks, but he did keep stepping on his shoelaces quite artistically, which was very much appreciated by all five to ten year olds. He also taught them to make simplest remedies, and even found them a job to do - collecting “rare” (“and extremely dangerous!”) plants for Professor Sprout. “Oh, Neville. I wish you could stay as my assistant. I don’t think I can manage at all without you next year!” lied Professor Sprout for the first time in her life.

Neville, of course, knew that she was lying. “I will most definitely stay,” he replied.

HP next gen: {a short and amazing love story written by magnificent theswordintheparsnip}

They move around each other like their attraction is a secret, and the school watches them, making bets and waiting for them to understand what everyone else has figured out long ago. The school watches them because how could it not? The Slytherin Head Girl with her responsibility and authority and the Gryffindor Quidditch Captain, with her head and heart and body in the clouds, it’s impossible to take your eyes off them. And when they finally cross the line they come together like violent, savage things. It’s just like Slytherins and Gryffindors always did before; teeth clashing, eyes dark. They touch with their fists before they learn to touch with their mouths, black eyes before hickeys. It takes seven years, countless detentions, a Gryffindor party, and the first Gryffindor/Slytherin alliance in recorded history to bring them together but they do, and when it happens a Hufflepuff girl is 67 Galleons and a new broomstick richer, and the two Houses (both alike in dignity) finally get their happy ending.

HP next genProfessor Brown is not an Animagus. She can’t teach her students how to protect themselves again the foulest of creatures. She does not appear out of smoke and exclaims prophecies. She does not pack her things with a wave of her hand after class. She jumps every time the food appears before her out of thin air. She still can barely open her eyes during Quidditch matches.

You can often find her wandering around the castle, looking lost. Professor Brown has no idea where the students’ dormitories are, or what is that important of a difference between the children in her class. Unlike other teachers, she was never a student of Hogwarts. How could she be? After all, she was the only one in her family to not receive the letter.

And yet, her students say Professor Brown is teaching the most magical subject in the school. She is teaching them about the world that reached for the stars with its bare hands, and succeeded. The world that moved mountains and built castles higher than the sky. The world where the word magic means mystery and hope

Professor Brown is teaching her students about the world without magic. 

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